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Nero Gold Cat food


From kitten to senior cat, from indoor to outdoor cat, Nero Gold has the best cat food based on natural ingredients for every type of cat. The Nero Gold natural cat food range consists of 5 different recipes.

Cats are very selective eaters, Nero Gold has tailored the choice of ingredients accordingly in the development of its best cat food and only uses very high quality ingredients. All recipes for our cat food are developed in Scandinavia and the production of the Nero Gold cat food takes place in the Netherlands.

Benefits of Nero Gold cat food. Our customers are happy to provide feedback. They notice that after feeding Nero Gold for a while, the cat:

- gets a beautiful shiny coat

- digests and absorbs nutrients better

- gets more energy

- receives extra support from the bladder and kidneys

This is because the Nero Gold cat food is the best. Our cat food is made from only natural ingredients. 

Nero Gold is always a good choice;
easy, affordable, tasty and nutritional food
Nero Gold Cat food
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