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 Nero Gold dog


We in Nero Gold don’t settle for minimum requirements when it comes to nutrition.

Scandinavian climate with long, cold winters, dry air and four seasons with rapid temperature and humidity changes set extreme nutritional requirements. Nero Gold is especially developed to meet these demands, which makes it superior to any other available brand.

Tested in practice on the most challenging environments and most demanding purposes.

We don’t think any dog should live in a laboratory conditions, and we do not test our products on lab dogs. Composition of our food is based on scientific knowledge, experience, traceability and high quality of all raw materials. Our food is tested in real life.


Scandinavian border guards, serious mushers, successful

breeders, hunters, sport dog enthusiasts and nutrition conscious pet owners feed their dogs with Nero Gold. It’s extremely tasty and it gives the best possible performance.

The good effects on balanced nutrition show on the dog’s appearance and performance.

Nero Gold is always a good choice;
easy, affordable, tasty and nutritional food

Our recipes are produced with the best quality natural ingredients.

Nero Gold recipes are founded upon first quality natural ingredients, which are closely selected, gently processed and completed with carefully balanced micronutrients. Every meaty kibble is enriched with Norwegian salmon oil, and has balanced ratios of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as proper amounts of all necessary vitamins and minerals. Chondroitin and glucosamine are added to promote the health of joints in every recipe.

Nero Gold dog food b bags
Nero Gold dog food

We don’t make compromises. Our recipes are developed basing on the scientific knowledge available on canine nutrition, not on trends and fashion. We choose all raw materials by their quality, not on their price. We use the most advanced methods of production. We keep track of the research on canine nutrition and the development  of processing methods, and react on them. We test our food thoroughly on the most demanding dogs living in

the most challenging environment to make sure it is the best on the market.

Nero Gold balanced super premium dog food series is designed to meet the needs of dogs of all breeds, activity levels, sizes and ages. We have focused on creating a complete series where every dog owner can easily find a suitable high quality, wheat-free and GMO-free food for their dog. Convenient package sizes, distinct appearance and affordable price make Nero Gold user friendly and easy to grab along with other shoppings. Distinctive bag colours make different food flavours quickly and effortlessly recognizable. Our dry food contains no wheat, soy, milk products, pork, beef or blood that are known to be the most common ingredients causing food intolerances.

It has everything a dog needs and more – generous amount of high quality protein, balanced ratios of necessary micronutrients and essential fatty acids put together with advanced processing methods. It is delicious meal that promotes the dog’s well-being and it is designed with decades of expertise and tested in practice.

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