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  • Carob supports a good digestion and lowers cholesterol in the blood

  • Rich in fiber for a healthy intestinal flora

  • Addition of lecithin for good fat burning

  • Good dog food with little stool

Nero Gold 

Nero Gold Dog Adult is very good dog food based on natural ingredients, developed for adult dogs with an average energy level.

A very high quality protein source (chicken meat) is used. This for the development of strong and flexible joints and with the addition of calcium for good support of your dog's bones.

Nero Gold Dog Adult is developed for dogs of medium breeds, from about 10kg to about 30kg.


Ingredients: chicken meat, corn, rice, beet pulp, fish meal, carob, linseed, chicken fat, hydrolysed poultry, minerals and vitamins, yeast, lecithin.


Analysis: protein 25%, fat 15%, fiber 2.5%, ash 7%, moisture 9%, phosphorus 1%, calcium 1.2%.


Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin A 14,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 1,400 IU/kg, Vitamin E 50 mg/kg, Vitamin C 100 mg/kg, Iron 50 mg/kg, Iodine 1.5 mg/kg, Cobalt 1 mg/ kg, Copper 5 mg/kg, Manganese 35 mg/kg, Zinc 65 mg/kg.

Enriched with essential vitamins, oils and natural antioxidants (tocopherol).


Energy: 3,699 kcal

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